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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue Home Page

Steve Stone playing with Bella in Finland jpg

Steve Stone left a long legacy of dedication to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. To honor his commitment, and the wishes of his family, we formed a non-profit fund for Stafford rescue and health issues.

From Steve Stone's last book, Celebrating Staffordshire Bull Terriers:

Chapter 9


By Bob Whittall and Andrea Kitchen - Northern SBT Rescue

The High Price of Stafford Popularity

As the Staffordshire Bull Terrier becomes one of the most popular breeds in England, it finds itself increasingly in need of help and rescue, a disastrous situation for a breed that has no peer in dogdom, being a pet in the realm of the canine connoisseur.

We deal personally with scores of Staffords that have landed on hard times. It is, of course, seldom the dog's fault. Rather, a change of the owner's circumstances is almost always to blame such as marriage breakdown, eviction from premises, birth of a child (particularly galling and humiliating for the 'Nannay Dog'), death or terminal illness of the owner, or, naturally, a stray that never found its way home."

And later in Chapter 9 is Cheryl Ellicott's Private Stafford Rescue in the USA: My Experience. As her writings detail, rescue in the USA is still not a big problem, but with today's economy, it is a growing problem.

The funds will be allocated to Staffords in crisis, through a network of individuals, and associations dedicated to this cause. If you would like to assist in this effort please let us know.

Donor’s names will be kept private unless permission to disclose is given. Information regarding the Stafford receiving assistance will also be provided, unless permission to do so is denied.

Contributors to the Steve Stone Rescue Fund may donate by using PayPal, or personal check.

We ask all Stafford rescue people, organizations, funds, etc., to send us their links. We will be happy to inform others of your efforts and of Staffords in need of help. We will also be asking everyone in Staffords to supply successful rescue stories with photos. 

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