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Donations and Items for Purchase

Steve Stone left a long legacy of dedication to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  To honor his commitment, and the wishes of his family, we formed a non-profit fund for Stafford rescue and health issues.

The funds will be allocated to Staffords in crisis, through a network of individuals, and associations dedicated to this cause.  If you would like to assist in this effort please donate.

Please consider a copy of Steve's book, or a donation through PayPal. When we have enough material we will give you the option of joining the SBTRescueFund and gaining access to the photo album and correspondence pages. In the meantime, join the Yahoo Group: to receive the latest updates for rescue/re-home.

We ask ALL Stafford enthusiasts, rescue people, organizations, funds, etc., to send us their links, personal web pages included. We will be happy to inform others of your efforts and of Staffords in need of help.  We also ask everyone in Staffords to supply successful rescue stories with photos.

We will have more products and options in the near future so please check back on a regular basis for donation possibilities and to see the rescue/re-home Staffords in need.

Please donate Please donate. You enter the amount of your donation. Thank you!

Celebrating the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

$36.95 plus $4.95 flat rate postage in the USA. Send an email for shipping amount outside the USA.

We have a few copies of Steve's book. The purchase amount goes to the rescue fund. The first six (6) books purchased will also receive the special collectors' limited edition of archive photographs from John F. Gordon's personal albums. This was a limit of 500 sets.

Although Steve Stone's name sits on the cover, authors from around the world lend this book and its accompanying CD-ROM not only length and breadth but substance. In alphabetical order, they include Les Aspin, Linda Barker, Candy Beauchamp, Malcolm Boam, Wlodek Cioc, Glenn Consadine, Karyn Dawes, Cheryl Ellicott, George Goddard, Abe Harkness, Jo Hemstock, Sarah Hemstock, Juanita Hobbs, Gerry Holmes, Julie King, Andrea Kitchen, Joe LeBlanc, Squibs Mercier, Terry Mueller, Jason Nicolai, Marlane Parra, Vic Pounds, Jean Richardson, Harry Rodeheaver, Alissa Romaine, Irma Rosenfield, Dr. Ellis Ruby, Sandra Smid, Colin Smith, Carolyn Stewart, Terry Stewart, George Urbanski, and Bob Whittall.

This book also features original illustrations by Marion Field and a generous selection of photographs – most of which have never previously been published – from John F. Gordon's personal albums, courtesy of Joe LeBlanc.

This book not only celebrates the proud history and sheer versatility of the Breed, every word on every page is devoted exclusively to the cause of the Stafford, including the problems encountered by Breed Rescue and the menace of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) which mindless politicians seem intent on imposing on the dog-loving public in the face of overwhelming evidence of its ineffectiveness.

Tired old generic material (puppy raising, diet, whelping, etc.) has been intentionally omitted.


Additional Content: A free CD-ROM attached to this 256 page book contains more than 300 pages featuring hundreds of full-colour photographs from every nation around the globe where Staffords have become firmly established away from the Breed's UK heartland. Additional bonus material also appears within the disc's contents.

Steve Stone imported Finland's first Staffordshire Bull Terrier in April 1964 and was co-founder of the SBT Club of Finland. Returning to the USA in 1966, Steve founded the SBTC/USA and Registry 1967, beginning the drive for entry into the AKC.

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Please join the Yahoo Group: to receive the latest updates for rescue/re-home.