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Steve's Personal Photo Album

First SBT Rally USA 3-15-1968 jpg

Steve Stone kept a photo album. No surprise there. And his album contains many photographs of Staffords from around the world. Most are early day photos, some of commercial photos of English champions which many of you will not have seen before, but many personal photographs sent to him by USA owners and breeders before recognition of our breed by the AKC. All of the photographs will be of historical interest to many of you.

The photograph above is of the first Stafford Rally held in Pasadena, California, in March of 1968. I have just the names of the Staffords in the photograph. For the rest you will have to join the Steve Stone Memorial Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue Fund and we will send you the link to the photographs and correspondence. Minimal donation is all it takes, and of course, it helps the rescue fund to do good things for people and Staffords.

We ask all of you to please supply any additional information, background stories, corrections to names or captions, on the photographs contained in Steve's album. When we received the material many of the photographs had been removed and not replaced in the album. Steve had removed them for possible inclusion in his last book but hadn't had the time to replace them in the album, therefore, we are in the dark on some of the Staffords names as well as many of the people in them.

Thank you for your help and donations.

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